Key Predictions about Instagram Trends for 2018

Three Key Predictions about Instagram Trends for 2018

Instagram has already evolved into a highly significant social media platform for brands, users, and even influencers. By enabling marketers to promote their posts, YouTube channel, or video blogs, the photo-sharing app continues to prove its worth for those who wish to stay ahead of the social networking curve.

Instagram has adopted many new features in past few years, which have made it one of the most popular social media apps in the market. The new features such as hashtag stories, live video, and story highlights along with many others have been thoroughly refined, and have been a big hit with the users. As the updates and upgrades continue to pour in, we can expect a whole lot of new Instagram trends even in 2018.

In-app shopping

The new ‘Shop Now’ feature on the app, can be effectively used if you have around ten thousand followers or more. As a promoter, you can add links to your products page or online store using your Instagram business account. This can help your followers to make instant purchases without having to leave the app’s environment, which can deliver a whole new experience.

As brands have realized the ever-increasing potential of e-commerce for increasing sales, we could see many of them choose to go with this in-app shopping feature in 2018. By being able to connect the sponsored content directly with the website, not only will they be able to maximize their returns, but also add new meaning to the customer engagement process.

Focus on ‘Stories’

One of the reasons for Instagram’s popularity has been its relentless effort to ensure its ‘Stories’ feature remains exciting for the users. Also, enough care has been taken to ensure it appears different and does not resemble similar features from the competitors. The app now allows users to save the stories and have them reposted as “Highlights” on their profile, while also being able to share live video on their stories.

These user-friendly enhancements let the users retain what they have found interesting, as well as reuse them according to their liking, have become instant favorites of most users. We could see Instagram adding more of such features in 2018 as well. Meanwhile, improvements in the ability to share live videos on stories would provide the influencers and brands a whole new opportunity to add new meaning to their visual content.

Fun Features

A plethora of new recording tricks for videos along with the face-filters has been successful in adding the fun factor. The face filters can turn an ordinary selfie into an entertaining piece of artwork, which could trigger playful conversations with friends.

Users can express themselves freely when they have the option to show chemical equations swirling around from the head, or replace the ears with rabbit-like earlobes that can twitch and move. In this way, a simple selfie can be transformed into a laughter gig that can leave everyone in splits.

Apart from these, features like Rewind mode, which can play videos in reverse, we could see more of new stickers and fun features being rolled out in 2018, which could easily end up as new Instagram trends.