Tips to Succeed with Email Marketing Campaign

Emails offer an ideal platform for communication between companies and consumers. Be it pitching a new product to prospects or sending an acknowledgment to the existing customers for their continued support, and email is one of the best ways to enhance the customer experience. Thus, even with so many alternatives, marketers still find email marketing to be the prominent method for promoting the brand and offerings.

However, some key tips need to be followed while using emails as a tool for marketing campaigns. Discussed below are some of the findings that can be useful to ensure the success of your email campaign.


In today’s evolving business environment, marketing does not start at influencing the prospective customer and neither does it end when a purchase is made. The process is now required to continue throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Also, it is required to maximize the lifetime of customers.

For this to happen, email marketing needs to be integrated with best practices in marketing automation. It has to reach a point where email marketing tools can be used segment the customers as per the requirement. Moreover, marketers should also be able to create customized messages, which they should be able to schedule in a way that the emails reach the right audience, at the right time.

Personalized Messaging

Personalization is one of the primary email marketing strategies that have evolved over the time. The need for personalization has been created out of the demand to use email marketing as the primary touch point for connecting with the consumers. This is the reason why a highly personalized experience that can be created with one-to-one messaging has to be the focus of every customer-centric strategy when it comes to email marketing.

There are several ways to personalize an email, which starts with addressing the recipients with their name. In order to make the content appear more personalized, marketers would have to rely on individual data such as demographics, transaction history, location, and specific preferences of the customers. These are some of the techniques that can help in making the emails feel relevant. Also, this can lead to a reduction of unsubscribing rates or bounce rates, which in turn can increase the ROI.

Responsive Design

The ability to consume emails on mobile has changed the primary aspect of an email forever. One of these requirements is the need to fit the screen size of the recipients’ device, irrespective of its type and size. Hence, making your emails responsive has become a necessity.

Also, the designers have to specifically optimize the email for mobile with appropriate readability and navigability options. For this, they have to avoid the traditional methods such as lengthy links and pop-ups, which would make the emails readable only on the desktops or laptops.

Testing & Monitoring

A/B testing is one of the ideal ways to test the impact of your email campaigns. It is the method of experimenting with different versions of significant aspects of the email such as Subject line, Header, CTA and Content. By using the different versions, it helps in figuring out the best combination that has maximum impact. This also requires constant monitoring of the campaign, and marketers can use the various analytics tools to track their reach and success.

Apart from these essential tips, it is also important to identify the right time to send your emails. Taking into account the different time-zones and holidays before scheduling the emails can be critical to the success of your email campaign, which can be achieved through proper research and planning.

The Best Practices of Blogging for SEO

Blogging is one of the prime ways to optimize your site in the search engine eco-space. The fact is 33% of the search traffic goes to the site which occupies the first position on Google. If you want to climb to the top of the search engine result pages (SERP) you have to write unique, interesting, engaging, and well-written content but that is not enough. Needless to say that just traffic is not enough but the right kind of traffic is what is desired the most as that accounts for higher conversion.

Apart from writing the blogs well, there are few SEO techniques you need to follow, to ensure that you rank higher on the result pages. Choosing the right keywords are the key to any blog that is optimized for the search engine results. Google searches over 40,000 queries a second and if you have to break through this search result clutter the potential keywords have to be targeted and used in the blog. Both the long-tail and short keywords have to be targeted as voice search is on the rise. They have to be intelligently integrated and used throughout your blog. The persona of your customers should be kept in mind with due preference on their likes and preferences while choosing a blog topic. Linking your blog to other influential sites and providing compelling statistics from reliable sources and linking them appropriately increases credibility in the eyes of the search engine. The blog you write should also be accessible with the mobile phones and not only should you have a mobile responsive web design, the readers should be well comfortable in reading your article in smaller and mobile devices.

The attention span of the readers are really short, and if you think that smaller blogs will be more effective, the search engines behave just the opposite way. Search engines prefer longer blog posts which are more in-depth, and this increases the chances of appearing on the top of the search engine results page. The longer the blog, the more the opportunity for the search engine crawler to understand what the article is all about. As external linking is important with the influential websites, internal linking is equally important to retain the readers on your site and reduce the bounce rate.

Although these are the SEO tips for your blog to rank well in the search engines, you should be equally focused on creating blogs that your users would love as well. The optimization should be both for the search engine crawler, and the readers and a proper balance between the two can reap great results. Now that we have discussed the SEO tips, the blog writing tips that you should follow would make your readers adore your blog along with the search engine favoring your blog as well. Here are few tips that you may follow to keep your blog high in the eyes of the esteemed readers.

OD Stats-The fact is 33 percent of search traffic goes

Compelling Headlines with Effective Keywords

Research studies say that eight out of ten people read your headline and only two would read the rest of the article. Compelling headlines not only increases the chance of the readers to go through the article but the chances of sharing it increase too which enhances your social signal. Google seems to reward the websites with a higher social signal.

Target Influencing Audience

The influencers of your industry can really contribute to sharing your article, and it has a compounding effect on the total number of shares. When the influencers share your content, they share the content to a much larger audience. Thus finding ways to help the influencers to share your content is a smart method to get more audience to your site and increase the conversion rate. Write good things about the influencers and give them free publicity as people tend to share the appreciations and positive traits discussed by others. Visit and find out the sites that your influencers visit. Write or contribute as guest posts to those sites which will eventually help your influencers to spot your article and share it with their audience. You can also research on your influencer’s audience and write articles they would like and ask them to share your content.

Find Communities of Target Audience

Understand your audience and their personas and find out the probable communities, forums and online events and venues where your communities gather. These are the places where your content can be posted, and this will give you more traffic. You can post old content and different formats of content in the places where your audiences gather and converse with each other. Interact with your readers and develop a relationship with them which would not only increase readership but enhance your relationship with prospects as this would act as lead nurturing as well.

Decrease Bounce Rate

In simple words decreasing bounce rate means retaining the readers to your site or the blog post and this is a metric that is counted by the search engines. As they often say the first impression creates a lasting impression, a title is certainly important but there are other factors too that create a lasting impression on the readers. It is no denying the fact that when a visitor visits your blog or website, the first thing they notice is the blog’s loading time and the design of your site or the page. The landing pages and the blogs should be loading quickly with a simple and a professional theme. Concise and easy to read and navigate articles explaining the salient points clearly with the article divided into paras help readers to understand and scan the blog easily.

Another way of retaining readers is to show the related posts based on tags and categories as it helps the readers to toggle between blogs of their interest. Keep an eye on the analytics and find out the most viewed pages and blogs. Write on topics that are related to the most viewed blogs which can significantly increase the time spent by visitors on your site. This will inevitably have a great bearing on the SEO and the ranking of your website.

Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

Over the past few years, the new trend in digital marketing has been about embracing digital transformation. Automation is steadily being accepted by various aspects of digital marketing that include SEO, PPC, Social Media, Emails and even Content. The growth of mobile, AI, AR & VR, has also contributed towards the integration of automation with customer life-cycle.

To increase engagement-levels with their audience most of the futuristic brands would be focusing on localization and ingenuity of their content marketing initiatives across various emerging platforms. Discussed here are some of the digital marketing trends that are going to be noticeable in 2018.


Marketers would be dealing with the ever going improvements in the search engine algorithms and updates. To ensure maximum visibility of their brand’s online presence, a resilient SEO strategy would have to be designed and implemented. It would not only have to focus on optimizing the existing efforts but also accommodate the changes in the regulations.

Also, the rise of digital assistance has added the extra paradigm of voice search optimization. The search engines have already reported a huge increase in the numbers of voice searches. Hence, the need to focus on long-tail keywords with phrases in the spoken language that resemble the conversational tones of the users could well be the way forward for SEO in 2018.

Social Media

Smartphone has become the most preferred device for social networking. Thus, it’s no surprise that mobile is being placed at the heart of almost every brand’s strategy for delivering personalized engagement through Social Media. The focus on mobile could increase in 2018, with businesses looking to engage with their audience through latest mobile apps for social networking.

Live Streaming could be one of the most popular of these options as more and more users now prefer to watch a live video on their phone instead of having to read a lengthy blog. The coming months could see companies choosing and settling for the apps through which they believe can maximize their interactions with their audience. Consequentially, Social Apps with better security features for the users could be the explicit choice.

IP Video Traffic

Paid Ads

For the past couple of years, AI and Machine learning have had a subtle role in PPC. However, the advances being made by these technologies could give them a more legitimate role in the coming months. It’s a fact that bid management is a game of numbers. Advanced AI tools delivering accurate insights can help the PPC agencies in optimizing their ad creation and rotation, as well as retargeting processes, which in turn would maximize their returns.

Companies keen on improving their presence online now have a new platform for promoting their brands. Television streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and YouTube TV are posing serious competition to mainstream television. As these streaming services continue to get popular and attract more audience, savvy marketers in 2018 could create customized ads for the platform to make an impact on the audience, leading to improved ROI on their PPC initiatives.


Email campaigns in the past have relied on attractive emails to draw the reader’s interest. However, interactive emails would be more in vogue in 2018. Using interactive features such as image galleries and buttons on emails themed as quizzes or surveys, marketing experts could increase response or conversion rate, while bringing down the bounce rates of their emails and newsletters.

Also, AI-powered tools are increasingly being used in the automation of email marketing, and the trend could continue to evolve. Be it the personalization of the emails or segmentation of receivers’ list, AI & Machine Learning could be extensively used in 2018 to extract more from the email campaigns.

Searches will likely be voice searches

Also, as the users accessing the emails on their smartphones keep increasing, plain-text emails have become a new trend, and this might continue in 2018 as well. Not only are they easy to create, but can be easily optimized for all types of devices, irrespective of the type and screen size. While emails full of images and HTML may be required to open separately in browsers, the plain-text emails can be easily opened, read, and responded using any simple email app.

Be it increasing the website traffic through social networks, or using Virtual & Augmented Reality to attract the users’ on those social channels, smart digital initiatives can always help in drawing the audience’s attention. However, customers always remember the experience they had with a brand. Hence, using digital marketing to keep those experiences positive is what matters the most.

Content Marketing

Optimizing the content for voice search would become a non-negotiable necessity in the coming months. For this reason, the content would have to be much more concise and should be able to provide an accurate answer to the query. It’s because, the voice search would be performed with completed sentences, and the users would like to get the results that are practically relevant to their queries.

For instance, an individual looking to get the latest news about a famous personality at a particular event is likely to say – “News on Mr. X at the event Y”. This means, pages with non-relevant info, such as personal info about Mr. X, or basic info about the event, should not get listed in the search result, which usually happens with the text-based search.

Moreover, businesses would have to ensure their FAQ section on the website handles all the queries that begin with When, What, Why, Where, and How. In this way, they can deliver accurate information for voice searches, be it from a voice search app or a voice-based personal assistant such as Siri, Echo or Cortana.

Mobile Marketing

The mobile platform has steadily evolved over the last couple of years and has now become an integral part of the digital marketing ecosphere. As a result, 2018 could also have something special in store. However, to maximize the mobile engagement, business would have to identify new ways, not only for getting their app downloaded by the targeted users, but also to ensure they come back for more. Customized content, UI, and UX could well do the trick; moreover, connecting the app to other third-party tools can also be a smart option.

For instance, using spacial-based triggers such as active beacons would allow users to be notified by the app on reaching a specific geographic location. Local attractions such as malls, museums, or clubs could integrate beacon support into their apps, which could offer a new mobile experience to the users.

Thus, be it increasing the website traffic through social networks, or using AR & VR to attract the users’ on those social channels, smart digital initiatives can always help in drawing the audience’s attention. The marketers have learned that customers always remember the experience they had with a brand and it has huge deferred returns too. Using digital marketing and technological innovations to keep those experiences positive is something that would matter the most in 2018.

Key Takeaways

  • The past trend has been about embracing steady digitalization of marketing initiatives such as Email & Content Marketing.
  • The growth of various technologies such as smartphones & AI has contributed towards the integration of automation with customer lifecycle.
  • Focusing on localization and ingenuity of content marketing initiatives across various emerging platforms could be the new trend in 2018.


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