How to reach the audience through Audio Content Marketing

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Ever since the advent of Radio, Marketers have used the audio as an effective medium to reach out to the audience. However, with Television and Internet down clobbering its popularity, the Radio went into a sort of oblivion at the turn of the century. But through new age technology including digital home devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, and voice-activated assistants such as Siri and Cortana, the audio is back into the reckoning.

The latest audio mediums driven by new technology have created in-roads into the public life, as people have started consuming audio content in various ways. Be it during travel or work, Podcasts or Audiograms using advanced IoT. devices and Wearables have turned into popular options form consuming information. Looking to seize the opportunity, many brands have already started to focus on their audio content marketing. Discussed below are some of the tips that can be used to amplify the effect of audio content in your marketing plan.

Identify the platforms

There are numerous ways to distribute your audio content. To start with, marketers need to identify the suitable platforms, which could include podcast or audiograms. Also, there are others that have been created for mobile along with social media integration, such as SoundCloud and Peach.

Originally known as audio-blogs, podcasts have grown in popularity over the years. Most people like to listen to podcasts while traveling, especially when driving. They could even follow them during work or exercise. These are some of the times when people usually consume and reflect on audio content that appeals to them. This makes podcast an ideal platform for marketing your brand and offerings.

Similarly, marketers can also use audiograms, which are dynamically generated audio tracks overlaid on an image that acts as a background. These are an ideal way to re-purpose the written blog posts. It’s because, they can be easily recorded while reading the blog out, and can be an excellent snippet or a teaser for an upcoming podcast episode. Thus, they can be efficiently used to induce expectations and interests among the listeners.

By 2021 Podcasting is Projected

Discern the audience

Once the platform to distribute the audio content is decided, your next step is to identify how and when the audience can be hooked through it. As audio is usually consumed while performing various activities, there is an extra bit of effort needed to capture the attention.

For this, marketers need to find out the difference depicted in audience’s habits when consuming audio content as compared to the way they use the visual or text content. Subsequently, the audience can be broadly categorized based on the habits and behaviors of different types such as listeners or searchers.

The listeners are usually the ones who can be attracted with catchy phrases or exciting slogans and can be reached by purely audio platforms. Similarly, searchers are those who wish to perform research through voice search. Marketers can win their trust by ensuring consistency in their content, and ensure they find the right content with minimal ease.

Optimize the content

Audio versions of lengthy audiobooks can be especially useful in keeping the readers interested, especially when they have to perform a different task concurrently. The audio snippets can also be used as drips in other forms of lengthy content to highlight the key information for the readers.

For instance, a branded content for podcast need not be necessarily created on the lines of a radio talk show. Instead, it can be picked from the speeches made by the company’s leadership or could be a set of comments from customers. In this way, audible messaging that sounds much more interesting than text or visuals can be used to promote a brand in a positive way.

Similarly, a commentary on news feeds and other visual content can even be used to offer parallel info. Even the audio summary of video episodes can be utilized as recaps. Thus, by providing the option to supplement the textual and visual content with audios, the audio can be used to optimize the marketing content, which can improve consumption and interest among the audience.

Key Takeaways

  • Audio content marketing is back in the reckoning as latest audio mediums driven by new technology, have created in-roads into the public life.
  • Audio versions of lengthy audiobooks can be especially useful in keeping the readers interested, especially when they have to perform a different task concurrently.