Best Practices for Selling Digital Products

Best Practices for Selling Digital Products

Selling a digital product through digital channels is even more difficult than selling a product directly. In case of direct selling, you are often in contact with the buyer and the compelling forces you use for selling are mostly perceivable. But for digital products your design, digital marketing efforts and your brand’s promise are mainly instrumental in doing the job. […]

Key Predictions about Instagram Trends for 2018

Three Key Predictions about Instagram Trends for 2018

Instagram has already evolved into a highly significant social media platform for brands, users, and even influencers. By enabling marketers to promote their posts, YouTube channel, or video blogs, the photo-sharing app continues to prove its worth for those who wish to stay ahead of the social networking curve. Instagram has adopted many new features in past few years, which […]

Google Images in search text ads are in the testing phase

Google Images In Search Text Ads Are In The Testing Phase

As Google goes on experimenting and introducing new ways to improve the experience of advertisers and users, its images in the search text Ads are still in the testing phase. Google introduced images in the Sitelink extensions, and this feature was called visual sitelink. At the introduction stage of the beta version, Google introduced large format images of car models […]

Social Media for Market Research - Four Key Advantages

Social Media for Market Research – Four Key Advantages

Market research (MR), is a data-driven process used by organizations to identify the solutions for various business conundrums. Be it the identification of specific needs of the target audience, or the reason they should choose you instead of your competitors, MR can be effectively used to solve many of the common predicaments that can help companies make well-informed market decisions. […]

How to Generate More Sales Qualified Leads

How to Generate More Sales Qualified Leads

Lead generation is the key concern of the marketing and sales teams, and it is imperative to not only generate leads, but sales qualified leads. The digital marketing eco space is certainly a great place to generate leads. But before even collecting the leads the question arises why would anyone give their contact details and other information. It won’t be […]

SEO Trends to Prepare for in 2018

SEO Trends to Prepare For in 2018

The only thing constant in the world of SEO is change. With the year 2018 just setting in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is all set to move in newer directions. The fundamental techniques like creating quality content, focusing on keywords, creating backlinks, and few others remaining the same, there are newer trends that looms large […]

How to get mobile SEO for voice search right

How To Get Mobile SEO For Voice Search Right

By default voice-enabled personal assistants for voice search are installed on all smartphones and Google has cited that one in five searches happen through voice. The popularity and demand of digital assistants like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Echo, and others are on the rise. Google has rolled out the mobile first indexing which means the mobile site […]

Latest Trends in Content Marketing

Latest Trends in Content Marketing

Two decades ago Bill Gates rightly said that content is the king. The recent trend also suggests that industry has rightly understood the underlying significance of the statement as most of the marketers say that their content marketing efforts are more successful than a year ago. According to research conducted by Content Marketing Institute, most of the B2B marketers of […]

How to become a mobile marketing leader?

How to Become a Mobile Marketing Leader?

Mobile phones are ubiquitous, and this makes mobile marketing a necessity in business. Mobile searches have already surpassed desktop searches and have emerged as a powerful medium for marketing. Various research studies indicate that total browse time per month on smartphones is much higher than browsing time on the desktop. Although desktop browsing is still relevant in the daytime as […]

website designing

Five Key Parameters for Running a Successful Website

In today’s digital world a website has become an inevitable part of the marketing strategy. Irrespective of its size, type, and concern, every organization needs a website to showcase its online presence. Creditability, Convenience, Constant connectivity, Communication, and Cost are the 5 Cs of reasoning to have a dedicated site. By providing a platform to communicate with each customer individually, […]