SEO Value of Long Tail Keywords

SEO Value of Long Tail Keywords

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We all are aware of keyword significance for SEO. But always wonder which of the thousands of appropriate keywords fetches right traffic to website and help organizations to do more business. Now, online marketers know that long tail keywords convert economically and quicker. Long tail keywords come under the category of keywords and phrases that a website is searched for, but are overlooked. We have highlighted the value of long tail keywords in this blog post.

Opposite of targeted keyword is known as long tail keyword. For SEO, one and all concentrate on the top keyword. This is what everyone does and put effort to improve ranking. But referrals study and analysis reveals that a huge amount of traffic gets generated by the same. Many organizations are losing a big part of search keywords that also leads to losing available market opportunity.

Online marketing managers are mostly happy to have their top 10 or 20 keywords ranking regularly. The concentration is normally only on the common terms and improvement in website traffic. It is understood that 80% of the business is compelled by these common terms, but multiple websites evaluation reveals that it is not the truth.

The top 10 terms do increase website traffic, but while measuring the amount of traffic brought by terms after the top 10 or 20, it outperforms most popular terms sitting at the top. Most of the time visitors who landed on website through long tail keywords devote more time on the site. These visitors has better conversion rate too. Most websites have a bulk of their sales and leads produced from these phrases. This is the main reason of long tail keyword strategy success. Businesses should SEO their website for long tail keywords to the fullest. Most of the users are searching on mobile devices, thus responsive website design and long tail keywords are perfect combination to use SEO and design to improve business.

Long tail keywords provide additional advantage when used for search engine optimization. The trick is to choose appropriate mid-range keywords & phrases and optimize the website for the same. Google AdWords is the most commonly used tool to find long tail keywords and improve website traffic. It provides list of suggested keywords to the core keyword for the business. Complete list can be downloaded and used for SEO purpose.

Keeping an eye on competitor’s way of improving website traffic is also a good idea. There are possibilities that competitor might have used lot of long tail keywords. In this case, optimize the website and build new pages targeting those keywords. Competitors’ websites can be investigated by using tools such as SEO Digger. It provides list of keywords used by website by entering particular URL.

So put an effort to create list of long tail keywords and keep them on top. It would certainly improve website traffic through search engines.

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