Tips to Succeed with Email Marketing Campaign

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Emails offer an ideal platform for communication between companies and consumers. Be it pitching a new product to prospects or sending an acknowledgment to the existing customers for their continued support, and email is one of the best ways to enhance the customer experience. Thus, even with so many alternatives, marketers still find email marketing to be the prominent method for promoting the brand and offerings.

However, some key tips need to be followed while using emails as a tool for marketing campaigns. Discussed below are some of the findings that can be useful to ensure the success of your email campaign.


In today’s evolving business environment, marketing does not start at influencing the prospective customer and neither does it end when a purchase is made. The process is now required to continue throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Also, it is required to maximize the lifetime of customers.

For this to happen, email marketing needs to be integrated with best practices in marketing automation. It has to reach a point where email marketing tools can be used segment the customers as per the requirement. Moreover, marketers should also be able to create customized messages, which they should be able to schedule in a way that the emails reach the right audience, at the right time.

Personalized Messaging

Personalization is one of the primary email marketing strategies that have evolved over the time. The need for personalization has been created out of the demand to use email marketing as the primary touch point for connecting with the consumers. This is the reason why a highly personalized experience that can be created with one-to-one messaging has to be the focus of every customer-centric strategy when it comes to email marketing.

There are several ways to personalize an email, which starts with addressing the recipients with their name. In order to make the content appear more personalized, marketers would have to rely on individual data such as demographics, transaction history, location, and specific preferences of the customers. These are some of the techniques that can help in making the emails feel relevant. Also, this can lead to a reduction of unsubscribing rates or bounce rates, which in turn can increase the ROI.

Responsive Design

The ability to consume emails on mobile has changed the primary aspect of an email forever. One of these requirements is the need to fit the screen size of the recipients’ device, irrespective of its type and size. Hence, making your emails responsive has become a necessity.

Also, the designers have to specifically optimize the email for mobile with appropriate readability and navigability options. For this, they have to avoid the traditional methods such as lengthy links and pop-ups, which would make the emails readable only on the desktops or laptops.

Testing & Monitoring

A/B testing is one of the ideal ways to test the impact of your email campaigns. It is the method of experimenting with different versions of significant aspects of the email such as Subject line, Header, CTA and Content. By using the different versions, it helps in figuring out the best combination that has maximum impact. This also requires constant monitoring of the campaign, and marketers can use the various analytics tools to track their reach and success.

Apart from these essential tips, it is also important to identify the right time to send your emails. Taking into account the different time-zones and holidays before scheduling the emails can be critical to the success of your email campaign, which can be achieved through proper research and planning.